Adopting a poetic voice from the perspective of a patient with tinnitus, Jenny Liu ’21 captures the thoughts and feelings experienced during and after medical treatment.



Is the sound I hear through my right ear

It’s soft, barely noticeable

But always there


Sometimes I wonder

If my life would ever be the same

They told me,

“You may have to live with it”


One, two, three

Each of them failed

Four, five

Each of them shattering blows


You have a license to practice

But why didn’t you save me?

The sound is soft

But your failures were not



My ear rings

It’s always tinnitus

It will always be


I was oblivious

Of the failures in medical care

I was assured

In the doctors’ care


Then I became frustrated

At the lack of resolution

I was soft

And I didn’t take my health seriously


I finally knew

And I was scared for my life

I was determined to fight it


But the untimely medication still failed me


Now I am living

With the trials and tribulations

Of my loss:

A battle I have not fought too long



Is what I hear everyday

It’s soft, usually forgettable

But not the doctors who didn’t do their job

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