Mckenzy Wall ’22 interweaves the nuances of science into poetic structure, reflecting on the inner workings of the mind and brain.


The human brain discovered itself:

found out that it is the reason we are alive

That it is the reason we can think,

that it is why we are human.


One might think the brain a narcissist

Who is it to name itself, call itself the most vital organ?

But it is the brain that keeps us breathing

moves our legs and drives our curiosities.


When insomnia hits

and we lie awake in the dead night

Eyes that should be heavy still open wide

to let our most nagging ideas sink in.


On the ceiling we so languidly stare at

dance images of unrealized dreams,

grim regrets, and our greatest desires.


Likewise, our neurons dance;

a series of bright lights inside our heads.

As signal is passed from neuron to neuron.

small fires ignite within grey matter.


What has kept me up many nights

is the one question:


are we able to think so deeply and

communicate with such intricacy of language?

What separates us from the other species inhabiting this planet?


It seems to me that it is our mind

that allows us to be the way we are —


The brain is the blueprint

that gives us the ability to act as we do.

But it is what we load our brains with

that shapes the mind.


Art, music, dance,

books, adventures, laughter,

love, and pain are few of the billions of stimuli

that make us, us.


The mind, forever outreaching into space and time,

looks beyond a healthy physical state

into what brings it true bliss

What fulfills it wholly.


It searches for the very things

that make this life worth living

And upon finding them,

knows it has achieved its purpose.


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