tumor (n).

Alisha Yi ’22 discusses the raw emotions associated with cancer treatment in this free verse poetry.

tumor (n.)


somewhere the body becomes heavy because everything

bloats and because pain is not private and when the doctor

does the math you let the radiation bite your insides so the cells

would fail to swell and when the preacher comes into the ICU

after six months you have no room for tears because everyone

is playing along while holding their breath and in his prayer he talks

about the cities under the crowns while the monitor next to you

beeps to the throb of your chest and everything feels so quiet

even though the gadgets on your body like the IV drip is so loud

and the doctor comes in later to tell you that the cells have been

flooding the currents and chewing all your flesh and that

there is little time so you pretend to catch an angel and pray

to its soul and then when the heart monitor is less speckled

with stars you cradle your prayer into your palm to God before

you are unable to hang up.

Image source: Ioana Davies


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